Corfu Cruise Port Guide

Port Corfu is the gateway to the beautiful island of Corfu in Greece, offering a warm and friendly welcome to cruise ship passengers. Located on the Ionian Sea, this picturesque port is a hub for marine tourism, hosting a variety of cruise ships throughout the year.

The port is strategically located close to Corfu’s historic Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and provides visitors with easy access to the island’s cultural and natural attractions. The port facilities are equipped to serve the diverse needs of travellers, offering amenities such as shops, cafes and transport services.

With its charming waterfront, scenic views and proximity to Corfu’s rich heritage, Port of Corfu serves as an unforgettable entry point for cruise enthusiasts looking to explore the enchanting landscapes and cultural treasures of this Greek island.

About Corfu Cruise Port

Corfu Cruise Port serves as the gateway to the enchanting island of Corfu, embodying a seamless fusion of maritime charm and historical allure. Situated along the Ionian Sea, this port offers a picturesque backdrop of historic architecture, combining the magic of Venetian, French and British influences.

The port itself is well equipped with modern facilities such as shops, cafes and transport services, ensuring a comfortable and interesting experience for cruise passengers.

With a bustling waterfront and a backdrop of lush green landscapes, Corfu’s cruise port invites travellers to explore the island’s cultural treasures, scenic beauty and warm hospitality that characterise this Greek gem.

About Corfu Old Port

On the other hand, the old port is of equal importance for the island. The Old Port of Corfu, located near the heart of Corfu Town, is a historic shipping hub that reflects the rich cultural and commercial history of the island.

Nestled beneath the imposing Old and New Fortresses, the port has served as a hub for centuries, witnessing the arrival and departure of ships and merchants from various corners of the world.

Today, Corfu’s Old Port continues to be a busy port, welcoming cruise ships, yachts and local fishing boats. The harbour area is surrounded by attractive seaside cafes and restaurants, offering visitors scenic views of the sea and the iconic Liston promenade.

Corfu Port Facilities

Corfu’s port facilities meet the different needs of travellers arriving by sea, providing a seamless and pleasant experience. The port of Corfu Greece has modern comforts such as well organised terminals, efficient customs and immigration services and spacious waiting areas.

Travellers can find a range of services, from currency exchanges and information offices to duty free shops offering local products and international brands.

The port’s waterfront is filled with welcoming cafes and restaurants, allowing passengers to enjoy stunning views of the Ionian Sea while waiting for their ships. Well connected to Corfu town, the port ensures easy access to the island’s historical and cultural attractions.

Corfu Port Authority

The port authorities play a critical role in ensuring the safety, security and smooth operation of shipping activities within their jurisdiction.

The Corfu Port Authority is actively involved in maintaining safety and security in the port. They carry out frequent patrols and checks on arrivals and departures, while working closely with the Port Police Corfu to ensure a safe environment for travellers and marine activities.

If you need more detailed or up to date information about Corfu Port Authority, we recommend you check the official website or contact them directly. Here are the contact details.

Corfu Port Authority S.A.
New Passenger Terminal, 49100 Corfu
Tel: 2661045551 & 26610 39824
Fax: 2661037173

Corfu Cruise Terminal

The Corfu Cruise Terminal, located in the heart of Corfu Town, is a key entry point for cruise ship passengers wishing to explore the island’s beauty. This modern terminal offers a warm welcome and efficient service, ensuring a smooth transition for guests disembarking on Corfu’s magnificent coasts.

The terminal is well equipped with facilities such as customs and immigration services, baggage handling and information desks to assist passengers in seamless navigation upon arrival. Upon arrival at the terminal you will immediately find yourself in a lively atmosphere, with relaxing cafes, boutiques and panoramic views of the Ionian Sea.

Whether you are one of those travellers seeking cultural experiences in the UNESCO-listed Old Town or wish to immerse yourself in the peaceful landscapes of Corfu, the cruise terminal serves as a convenient and welcoming starting point for an enriching exploration of this Greek island.

Corfu Port Arrivals & Departures

Arrivals and departures at the port of Corfu control the ebb and flow of shipping activity, determining the pace of travel to and from this historic Greek island.

Upon arrival passengers are greeted by the picturesque charm of the port and the beauty of the architecture of Corfu Town. Clear signage and efficient services guide disembarking travelers through customs and baggage claim, facilitating a smooth transition to the island’s vivid atmosphere.

Departing from the port of Corfu, passengers begin their journey with organised check-in procedures and simplified boarding procedures. The port’s real time display boards and announcements keep travellers informed of the status of their departures, ensuring a well-coordinated and stress-free experience.

Corfu Port Weather

The port of Corfu has a Mediterranean climate that greatly influences the weather conditions. Characterized by hot summers and mild winters, the port enjoys an average annual temperature of around 19 degrees Celsius, making it an attractive destination for marine activities throughout the year.

Summers bring pleasantly high temperatures, with the cool sea breeze providing relief from the heat. During the winter, the climate remains mild, creating a comfortable environment for locals and visitors alike. The port is occasionally affected by prevailing winds.

Corfu Port Rental Services

Car rental at Corfu Port provides a convenient option for travelers arriving by ferry or cruise ship to explore the island at their own pace. Several car rental agencies operate near the port, offering a range of vehicles to suit various needs and budgets. Renting a car at Corfu Port allows for easy access to the island’s top attractions, such as the stunning beaches, historic sites like the Old Fortress, and scenic villages. With a rental car, you can freely navigate Corfu’s beautiful landscapes, ensuring a flexible and personalized travel experience from the moment you disembark.

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