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If you have visited the island before you will already know that Gouvia is a picturesque village on the east coast of the enchanting Corfu, in Greece. Famous for its picturesque beauty, Gouvia perfectly combines historical charm with modern amenities.

The village is mainly recognized for the Gouvia Marina, one of the largest and well equipped marinas in the Ionian Sea, which attracts sailing lovers from all over the world. The Gouvia waterfront offers a delightful range of tavernas, cafes and shops, creating a lively and welcoming atmosphere for locals and visitors alike.

Whether you are looking for sea adventures, cultural exploration or just a quiet getaway by the sea, Gouvia is a magical destination on the enchanting island of Corfu.

Here are the most significant things you need to know about this particular place.


The village of Gouvia, located on the east coast of the enchanting island of Corfu, is a magical destination that perfectly combines natural beauty with historical charm. Gouvia Greece, once a Venetian naval base, has evolved into a picturesque seaside village, known for its lively atmosphere and picturesque surroundings.

The heart of the village is its attractive marina, which appeals to both local and international sailors. Beautiful tavernas, welcoming cafes and traditional Greek restaurants are located on the waterfront, offering a delightful gastronomic experience.

Gouvia Corfu also has a rich history, visible in the remnants of its Venetian past, including the iconic Venetian shipyards. The village is a haven for those seeking a balance between relaxation and exploration, with its beautiful beaches, lush green landscapes and proximity to Corfu Town offering a perfect blend of leisure and cultural discovery.


The seaside village of Gouvia is well known for its picturesque port. Gouvia marina is a popular destination for sailors and yachtsmen, offering a well equipped port that attracts boats from different parts of the world. The Marina Gouvia provides secure berthing facilities, boat maintenance facilities and a lively atmosphere with beachside cafes and restaurants.

The village of Gouvia, with its historical charm and modern amenities, surrounds the port, creating a pleasant environment for visitors. The strategic location of Gouvia on the east coast of Corfu, a short distance from Corfu Town, makes it an ideal base for exploring the island.

Gouvia Marina Corfu area is alive with nautical activity and its proximity to local attractions, combined with the serene coastal environment, makes Gouvia Port a popular stop for those seeking both nautical adventures and a taste of Corfu’s unique beauty.

Gouvia Corfu Weather

The weather in Gouvia is characterized by Mediterranean climate, which contributes to the attractiveness of the village all year round. The weather in Gouvia is characterized by hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters.

Summer temperatures often reach highs of around 30 degrees Celsius, creating ideal conditions for sunbathing and water activities on the spectacular beaches. The cool sea breeze provides relief from the heat, making the island a pleasant destination for outdoor activities.

Winters in Gouvia are relatively mild, with temperatures rarely dropping to very cold levels. Occasional rainfall during the cold months adds a touch of winter to the surrounding landscapes.

Overall, Gouvia weather complements the captivating atmosphere, making it an appealing destination for those seeking a perfect balance between coastal relaxation and cultural exploration.

Gouvia Rental Services

Gouvia, a charming village on Corfu’s east coast, offers a range of car rental options perfect for exploring the island. With several local and international car rental agencies, finding the right vehicle for your needs is easy and convenient. Renting a car in Gouvia allows you to visit nearby attractions like the Gouvia Marina, Dassia Beach, and the historic sites of Corfu Town, all at your own pace. Whether you want to explore scenic coastal routes or venture into the lush interior, a rental car from Gouvia provides the freedom and flexibility to experience all that Corfu has to offer.

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