Corfu Airport (CFU) Guide

Is there an easier and faster way to travel than an airplane?

Corfu Airport, also known as Ioannis Kapodistrias International Airport, is the main gateway to the beautiful island of Corfu in Greece. Located on the eastern side of the island, the airport connects Corfu with various domestic and international destinations, facilitating tourism.

With a modern terminal and efficient facilities, Airport Corfu offers travellers a comfortable and convenient experience. The airport is equipped with amenities such as duty-free shops, cafes and car rental services, ensuring that passengers have access to standard services while waiting for their flights.

If you are thinking of travelling to Corfu by plane, it is important to be aware of a few details about the island’s airport beforehand. So let’s have a look at some more information about Corfu airport.


As you disembark at Kerkyra Airport, the airport staff are dedicated to providing excellent service, creating a positive first impression that sets the tone for a memorable stay.
Corfu International Airport is conveniently located near Corfu Town, the capital of the island. Its central location ensures easy access to significant attractions and resorts, making it the ideal starting point for an unforgettable Greek adventure. Whether you arrive for a beach holiday or a cultural exploration, Corfu Airport’s central location sets the stage for a flawless travel experience.
In addition, at the airport you will also find typical local products such as olive oil, olives and local wines of the island that you should try as they highlight the richness of Corfu’s gastronomic heritage.

Corfu Airport Facilities

Corfu Airport has seen significant renovations and expansions in recent years, transforming it into a modern and efficient travel hub. The airport has modern facilities, ensuring the comfort and convenience of passengers.

From duty-free shops and restaurants to car rental services and lounges, Corfu Airport caters to the diverse needs of travellers, making their journey enjoyable from the moment they step off the plane.

For those in need of financial services, currency exchange facilities are readily available. In addition, Corfu Airport provides car rental services, making it easy for visitors to explore the picturesque island at their own pace.

The airport’s carefully maintained facilities and attentive staff contribute to a comfortable and welcoming environment, ensuring that passengers have a pleasant journey through this gateway to the enchanting island of Corfu.

Corfu Airport Flight Arrivals & Departures

Corfu Airport provides a convenient and efficient experience for travellers with its comprehensive arrivals and departures services. The airport keeps passengers well informed of the latest flight information through clear and visible signs and notices throughout the terminal.

Passengers at Corfu Airport Arrivals can easily navigate the airport with signs directing them to baggage claim, transfer options and other facilities. Departing travelers benefit from organized check-in counters and security procedures, ensuring a smooth transition from the terminal to the aircraft.

Corfu Airport’s flight arrival and departure system, both online and at the terminal, offers real-time updates, allowing passengers to plan their journey efficiently and minimise any inconvenience. This commitment to timely and accurate information improves the overall travel experience for those passing through Corfu Airport.

Corfu Airport Weather

Airport in Corfu has a Mediterranean climate, characterized by mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers. The island of Corfu, where the airport is located, enjoys a generally temperate climate influenced by its coastal position in the Ionian Sea.

During the summer months, from June to September, temperatures often soar, providing warm and sunny conditions that attract a significant influx of tourists. Winters, from December to February, are cooler and there may be occasional rainfall.

Travelers passing through Corfu Airport should be prepared for seasonal weather fluctuations by ensuring appropriate clothing and travel plans are in line with climatic conditions when visiting this picturesque Greek island.

Corfu Airport Rental Services

Car rental at Corfu Airport is a convenient option for travelers eager to explore the island immediately upon arrival. The airport hosts several car rental companies, offering a variety of vehicles to suit different needs. With rental desks located in the arrivals area, picking up your car is quick and easy. Having a rental car allows you to effortlessly visit Corfu’s beautiful beaches, historic sites, and charming villages, ensuring a flexible and memorable island experience.

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